Industrial Oil Uses

The uses of industrial oils are practically endless. Our supply chain allows us to ship anywhere in the United States and Europe, and our industry expertise means we can find the right product for just about any industrial oil use. Some of these industries include:


Our oils can be used to decrease wear and maximize equipment life in manufacturing applications. We offer a range of oils and lubricants for your industrial equipment and processes. Our products meet or exceed industry requirements.

Electrical Insulation and Cooling

Voltro™ Transformer Oil is designed specifically for electrical cooling and insulating applications. This highly refined mineral oil helps to extend the life of transformers and reducing maintenance.

Rubber Manufacturing

Our ParaLux premium process oils are perfect for use in rubber manufacturing and related applications. These oils can be used to modify TPE and EPDM rubber in order to create a softer product that also insulates and resists weather.


Although changes to emissions requirements in the automotive industry have caused many oil blenders to switch from Group I oils to Group II and Group III oils. Whichever oil you’re looking for, we have it! Our Chevron and Neste base oils provide higher fuel economy, better performance, and lower formulation costs.

Food and Pharmaceuticals

Our premium food grade white mineral oils are used in a range of food and pharmaceutical applications due to their highly adaptable chemical properties and purely odorless and colorless properties.

Plastics and Textiles

Our white mineral oils are commonly used in the plastics and textiles industry. Their clear and bright color, combined with their ability to minimize stains and odors, makes them a popular choice in plastic and textile production.

And more!

Do you have a particular industrial oil use in mind? Contact us to speak with an expert about the best product for you.