Renoil Low Volatility Process Oils

Renkert Oil has extended our range of premium process oils with Renoil Low Volatility Oils. 

These high molecular weight (MW) and high viscosity process oils provide many of the same ParaLux benefits. In addition, Renoil products feature increased viscosity and MW that reduces the mobility of the oil in typical thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and EPDM rubbers.

Low volatility under high temperatures

The Renoil Low Volatility (LV) oils feature 1000 and 1500 SUS @ 100F viscosity, with high flash points and high molecular weights. Renkert Oil is completing experiments to further quantify the value of these higher MW oils, especially their effects on automotive fogging and oil mobility for food contact applications.

Our windshield fogging investigation simulates summer automobile cabin heat to measure the evaporation of extender oils or monomers from auto interior plastics. Our study results show how well Renoil LV supports the elastomer in maintaining the extender oil under high temperatures. This is vital to avoiding fogged windows and maintaining the soft polymer properties that the oil provides.

ProductViscosity SUS @ 100F
Paralux 70170
Paralux 1001105
Paralux 2401220
Paralux 6001585
Renoil 1000-LV1,000
Renoil 1500- LV1,450

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