Voltro™ Transformer Insulating Oil

Our selection of industrial oils includes products engineered for use in applications where contact with electrical equipment and transformers is necessary. Transformers, circuit breakers, and other electrical insulating and cooling applications require transformer oils to prevent overheating and premature repairs. Renkert Oil designed Voltro for these applications by our industrial oil experts.

Renkert’s Voltro™ Transformer Oil is highly refined mineral oil, derived from paraffinic crude. Voltro, which is severely hydrotreated and created specifically for electrical insulating and cooling applications, complies with ASTM D3487 and Doble Tops. This insulating mineral oil is stable at the increased temperatures associated with electrical insulation applications.

Voltro™ Transformer Insulating Oil is ideal for electrical insulation and transformer applications due to its stability, low moisture, high flashpoint, exceptional oxidation stability, and its other properties. The oil industry experts at Renkert Oil have the technical experience and knowledge to provide informed recommendations for oil based on your needs.

Man working on transformer

Choose this Voltro Type II inhibited oil for exceptional oxidation stability to help extend the life of transformers while minimizing the need for maintenance.

Voltro advantages

  • conform to corrosive tests ASTM D3487
    method B and CIGRE IEC 62535
  • certified PCB free
  • DBDS free
  • passivator free
  • metal deactivator free
  • silicone free
  • a stable, low moisture oil
  • high flash point
  • exceptional oxidation stability

Applications for Voltro Oils

  • power and distribution transformers
  • switchgear and circuit breakers
  • rectifiers


  • reliable US and global distribution from strategically-located storage facilities
  • convenient delivery by ship, truck, rail, drums or flexi bags

Contact us via email or phone for questions about our transformer insulating oil or to request a sample of our products. We are happy to discuss your needs and lend our expertise to help you find the right product for your applications. Get in touch with us today for more information!
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